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Land Pooling Notified FAR 200 Vide India Gazette Regd No-33004/99 leading to major land cost escalation.....For Any Query Regarding Registration.......Call : +91 9015154154

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This new project will be the ultimate solution for affordable housing in Delhi. Smart City Delhi Awas Yojna is a very progressive project. The unique fact about this project is that one third of its houses are reserved to women. This will serve very well to women who are working as well as those who are housewives. The project comes with the added advantage of CGHS (Co-operative Housing Society) System. The houses will be available through draws and only 360 houses are there, thus, now is the golden chance to start booking these flats. The flats are available with as low as Rs. 12.80 lakhs with many types of flat ranges catering to the diverse needs of our Indian families. Delhi Awas Yojna houses will have the luxury of facilities such as hospitals, schools, colleges around the society. quick decision is the need of the hour, limited forms are available.


Types Of Membership Built up Area (in Sq Ft.) Booking Amount
TYPE-I 450 Rs 10,000
TYPE-II 715 Rs 20,000
TYPE-III 1000 Rs 30,000
TYPE-IV 1350 Rs 40,000



Project under Land Pooling Policy