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Revanta Officers Housing Scheme Boulevard

Thanks to a fairly recent boom in the housing market, home prices went through the roof - and despite recent depreciation across the Delhi, home values still remain high. This makes getting into an affordable house difficult for first-time home buyers on a tight budget. In Delhi, Revanta Group comes up with Revanta Boulevard Officers Housing Scheme for government officers and PU sector. These homes are accessible at much lower price and welcome faster. Revanta Officers Housing Scheme has pleasant value for money, it tend to give good returns over savings. Your known one could be living quality apartment that doesn’t give returns but Revanta Officers Housing is bound to give huge income in form of secure future. Revanta Officers Housing Scheme is particularly designed & planned for government officers and PU sector including central and state government officers. 240 apartments are available under Revanta Boulevard Officers Housing Scheme. You can enjoy CGHS format livelihood on booking amount just 31,000 for 1200 sq.ft. For insightful information on Revanta Officers Home, to visit our office, our professionals assist you for better payment options and booking.

Project under Land Pooling Policy