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Diamond Multi State CGHS

Diamond MultiState CGHS

“Delhi Dwarka Awas Yojna from Antriksh Group & Diamond Multistate CGHS near Diplomatic Enclave 2, Sector-24.”

One of the latest development assignments of Diamond multi state CGHS is the Diplomat Avenue. Diamond multi state CGHS is a superior quality property development group serving the society in the present times and offering several development projects throughout Haryana and Delhi. This particular development project is eligible under the multistate cooperative society act of 2002 with its registration number being MSCS/CR/1082/2014.

The project has its location in Dwarka city, Delhi. The main objective of this society is offering improved residential units in Dwarka. In the present time, it is a top quality residential assignment perfectly suited for the medium and low budget group.

People living in the present world have varied preferences and tastes when it comes to buying the most convenient and the best residential units in Delhi. Diplomat Avenue is a ground-breaking assignment that comes from the well-known Antriksh Group. The group possesses the ability of delivering the best residential solutions to its consumers. However, the idea comes from cooperative housing society.

The land pooling policy brings in a number of financial advantages for the people of Delhi. People who invest in this policy have good chances of getting huge returns on investment. It is a good policy for individuals looking to invest in the property market. By way of this policy, investors can possess their dream homes in Haryana and Delhi.

Multi State CGHS and its Role

It is a significant assignment in the industry for real estate and features good qualities along with other services.

The project is the best solution for buyers and the buyers do not need to make any advanced payments until they get the best homes in this region.
The multi state CGHS purchases land from landlords, farmers and others with clear documents of land possession.

Detailed plans are created by the society as per the land pooling policy and master plan 2021.

They build roads as per the layout plan of the assignment and make use of the sector arrangement for construction purpose. Applications for approval are submitted to the Delhi Development Authority and the members of this authority approve the plans.

It is the multi state CGHS that takes up the responsibility of creating subdivisions of internal roads, infrastructure, roads and various other services. Users can easily access services like full security, rain water harvesting mechanism, water facility and electric supply.

They make substructure capabilities in roads and parks and therefore all their plans are approved by the Delhi Development Authority.

Consumers can get improved built up units with the LIG and EWS units according to the requirements of the scheme.


Project under Land Pooling Policy