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Land Pooling Notified FAR 200 Vide India Gazette Regd No-33004/99 leading to major land cost escalation.....For Any Query Regarding Registration.......Call : +91 9015154154


Delhi Awas Yojna 2019: Transforming Basic to Excellence

Propelling the vision undertaken by Master Plan 2021 and guidelines laid out through Delhi Land pooling policy projects, there have been major changes since then. Delhi Awas Yojna is the project closely taken up by the best group of builders in the country with an objective of the project being simple yet impactful which is…
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New Delhi Awas Yojna 2019 offers Guaranteed Affordable Housing Solution

You certainly got to pay attention, especially people who are living in Delhi and neighboring cities as you will never have heard of a scheme so exciting that make your eyes and ears ring. The real estate property where you get affordable housing options at a minimal and cost-effective price and approved under the Delhi…
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With New Delhi Awas Yojna 2019 Find Your Dream Home within Budget

When someone new moves to Delhi, what is the first thing they do? They go looking for good affordable accommodations to rent. Very soon, though, the dismal picture of housing in Delhi dawns on them. Even at very high rents, all one can afford in a middle-class income is some small space in a crowded…
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Project under Land Pooling Policy