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Adhikari Awas Yojna

Being a government employee is what everyone desires but one of the biggest perk of being a government employee is that you are subjected to transfer. This transfer provides them with a home in government establishment but the thing becomes more complicated when someone whishes to stay in the same city post retirement especially in a city like Delhi. The prices of residential prosperities have rocketed in last few years which are beyond the budget of many government employees which is why most of them are left with no other option than going back to the hometown.

This problem was the sole reason that we come up with this Adhikari Awas Yojna for all those government employees hoping to get settled in our national capital. The concept of smart cities has opened new doors for us which is why we were able to find affordable land on the outskirts of the city which are not far away. The land was chosen considering some other important factors that necessary for any urban dwelling like feasible transport, communication and some other important faculties and thus incorporated this Adhikari Awas Yojna to provide world class living to the Delhi and Public Sector employees.

Adhikari Awas Yojna covers almost every other aspect of a good lifestyle like security which is kept in tab with the introduction of latest security techniques. The projects also aim on environmental awareness with the introduction of solar tress which not only reduces reliance on traditional techniques but also results in lower electricity consumption. There are both indoor and outdoor sports complexes and uninterrupted water supply is also ensured. The clubhouse and medication units are also there to keep residents occupied in their free time and the easies accessibility to schools, hospitals and commercial complexes make it a perfect match for every government employee having the desire to stay in Delhi.

Project under Land Pooling Policy