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Land Pooling Notified FAR 200 Vide India Gazette Regd No-33004/99 leading to major land cost escalation.....For Any Query Regarding Registration.......Call : +91 9015154154

Note: The registration amount is duly refundable to all those applicants who do not emerge successful in the lucky draw.

Delhi Aawas Yojna


To propel the mission and vision of Master Plan Delhi 2021 (MPD-2021), Revanta Multi-State Co-operative Group Housing Society developed by Revanta Group, proudly presents the new heights of luxury but affordable housing Delhi scheme, Smart City Delhi Awas Yojna aspires to make the living of people easier in the capital. You can now live in Delhi. Registrations are now open and anyone from the public, private or government sector can apply. 360 units will be available under Delhi Awas Yojna and allotment by draw only.

The membership is available in three types:

  • TYPE-I, person can purchase a house with a total land of 41.80 Square Meter at the booking amount of Rs 10,000.
  • TYPE-II, person can purchase a house with a total land of 66.42 Square Meter at the booking amount of Rs 20,000.
  • TYPE-III, person can purchase a house with a total land of 92.90 Square Meter at the booking amount of Rs 30,000.
  • TYPE-IV, person can purchase a house with a total land of 125.40 Square Meter at the booking amount of Rs 40,000.

The scheme encourages women empowerment. A total of "33% Reserved category for women". The society registration No. of Delhi Smart City Awas Yojana is MSCS/CR/1082/2014.

The Master Plan Delhi-2021 and Land Pooling Policy is a buzzword in Delhi. Delhi Government has further come up with a truly affordable housing scheme under MPD-2021 to make living in Delhi easier. The mission of MPD-2021 is ‘Housing for All by 2022’. The mission is focusing on creating the required infrastructure which includes roads, healthcare dispensaries, sanitation, proper sewerage, and houses. The present population of Delhi is  1.7 Cr people, of which DDA can accommodate only 1.5 crores. By the end of 2021, the population is expected to increase to 2.5 Crore. To cover the existing deficit and 80 lakh more people, MPD-2021 has been formed.



Delhi Awas Yojna

One of the primary needs of any human being is a home. A home is a security that allows every individual to flourish under sense of security, knowing that at the end of the day’s hard work, there is a place where she or he can relax his or .....

Smart City

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This new project will be the ultimate solution for affordable housing in Delhi. Smart City Delhi Awas Yojna is a very progressive project. The unique fact about this project is that one third of its houses are reserved to women. This will .....


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