Land Pooling Notified FAR 200 Vide India Gazette Regd No-33004/99 leading to major land cost escalation.....For Any Query Regarding Registration.......Call : +91 9015154154


Apartments at Affordable Rates in Delhi NCR

Home buyers are searching for affordable residential solutions where they can spend their life with comfort and security. As we know that there are not enough spaces for construction in the National Capital Region because of which government is not able to provide housing units to the people of Delhi NCR. The government has come…
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Multi State CGHS Homes for Delhiites

Multi State CGHS or Multi State Cooperative Group Housing Society works in the form of a duly registered society. It works with the objective of fulfilling the residential requirements of the people of Delhi. People in the national capital generally need to face problems like small living spaces, unhealthy living standards or conditions and traffic…
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Delhi Awas Yojna- Smart and Affordable Homes for the People of Delhi

Every individual is in need of a house that can offer completely shelter and relaxation. A house also offers a secure and stable future. An individual gets the ability of dealing with almost any kind of mishap simply by having a permanent home to come back to. A roof overhead makes life simple and better.…
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Project under Land Pooling Policy